Store sales season to maintain good state

a lot of shopkeepers because the season of hot selling products, profits and returns of the excitement of the stool, resulting in the process of operating the shop easily out of the woods, which is very detrimental to the management of the store. In short, the annual New Year’s day to the Spring Festival is our retail customers sales season. How to promote the sale of goods in the sales season is a further consideration for each of our retail customers. The author believes that, in order to fight the season sales war, we must maintain a good four states". read more

The laid-off workers re start earning 800 thousand

now there are a lot of entrepreneurs in the community, at the same time, there are a number of entrepreneurial success behind each of the extraordinary entrepreneurial experience, from their bodies we can often learn a lot of entrepreneurial experience.

doubleeyelid, golden curls, black sweater and stylish yellow shawl – this is Yin Jiazhen, the pursuit of a "beautiful" woman in Wuhan.

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How to realize the harmony and common prosperity between franchisees and brands

franchisees and brands, which jointly build a network to join, is a cooperative relationship. However, there are a lot of franchisees can not reach a good relationship with the brand, resulting in the breakdown of cooperation affect entrepreneurship. So when joining the business and brand cooperation should pay attention to what?

brand enterprises and well-known brand in the minds of consumers gradually occupy an important position, and those who fight alongside and garment enterprises and franchisee retail business has been little-known. Before the day held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center "pop" the first China franchisee Development Forum, the participants for the first time in the "franchisee success" as the theme, in the form of a forum to discuss the problem of joining the development of garment industry. read more

Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli attends Mass Entrepreneurship Forum

last September, Prime Minister Li Keqiang at the Davos forum, to promote the development of public Chinese entrepreneurship and entrepreneur. Since October this year, every year there will be a week time, the country will host a series of entrepreneurial innovation activities for young entrepreneurs to provide a platform for the exchange and resources.

the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli attended the 19 held in Beijing 2015 public entrepreneurship peoples innovation forum and delivered a speech. read more

Chinese fish top three recommended items

fish health now very fire, investors favor open wealth undertakings in this industry. But the existing market fish health project so much, investors how to choose which good? Chinese fish project top three recommendations, provide a reference for the business in the fish health industry investors.

the brand belongs to the world Jun Yi (Wuhan) industrial investment limited. read more

Rural entrepreneurship spring will blow through the earth of Huizhou

30 years ago, the spring breeze of the reform of the land of China, the Chinese economy has brought an unprecedented opportunity to take off. Now, another spring will come to Anhui, which is driven by entrepreneurship in rural employment spring action".

The theme of this event is read more

How to optimize the development model of leisure food stores

is now very popular snack snacks, especially for girls, casual snacks is a pleasure! So want to run a successful snack franchise stores, we must know how to optimize the development of the store model. If optimization, then together to understand it!

leisure food stores to increase revenue model, the former may be through the rapid expansion of the franchise channels, staking. It’s not impossible to do this again, just a little out. We want to subdivide the field, better and more professional. read more

Tencent public space will invest billions of dollars to support entrepreneurship in Wuhan

Wuhan in the field of entrepreneurship has achieved good results, the potential for innovation is widely optimistic. Recently, Tencent public space will bring tens of billions of investment in Wuhan entrepreneurs, providing professional business incubation services.

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U88 franchise network professional, full of trust

business is more and more, in order to better serve all kinds of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship networks have emerged, u88 franchise network as a domestic Internet service platform to join the strength, very authoritative, professional, comprehensive, adhere to the win-win principle, trustworthy!

U88 franchise network was founded in 2003, is China’s first Internet investment service platform.   docking problems, traditional investment model based on U88 net; franchise pioneered online exhibition platform, the next line will show to show a more vivid way in the network, so that every investor can quickly and accurately find suitable projects. read more

How to maintain high attendance in nternet cafes

a lot of Internet cafes as a result of the beginning of the operation of a lot of activities, coupled with a lot of new equipment, therefore, attendance is also very. However, when operating in the medium term, want to maintain high attendance is facing many difficulties, but also need to take more action. So, how to maintain high Internet cafes in the middle rate?

Internet cafes operating in the Interim:

refers to the Internet bar into the normal operation of the smooth phase.


Internet business into a middle stage, no longer just opened when the high popularity, traffic is only a familiar face who often come, how to open up new customers, how to retain the old members, so that Internet cafes continue to maintain high popularity, learn together! Let you in the cafe attendance climax! This comes to the question of how we operate in the middle of the Internet cafe, for this problem, the main conclusions are the following two points: read more

How to join Ziyan subway chicken

It is the

folk nourishing ingredients chicken is the most popular, like a chicken that comes will be able to smell the fragrant chicken to gas, and now consumers catering market of chicken consumption is also fond of, and for the catering market chicken food items also have a lot of what areas are, just as fast food brand fellow chicken, braised chicken Steamed Rice etc.. Xiaobian to introduce today is now more popular taste of chicken – chicken brand Ziyan subway.

"chicken flavor" originated in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, originated from the folk, has been more than and 100 years of history, is a famous dish in Sichuan. Ziyan subway chicken to technics and raw materials, its unique thoroughly tempered preferred, Hechuan, Guangdong, Hunan knead the taste, a total of more than and 30 fine dishes to taste chicken, duck, lotus Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce mainly, in the centralized procurement and production scale advantages, produce products that truly matter and cheap, so they quickly become a local cuisines, enjoy " no Ziyan no seats as ". read more

Shops want a good face is very important business

shop area is different, different position, sales will be different, but for a farm shop, to create a high volume of sales is not an easy thing, but the store did this. A small farm supermarket, nearly 500 monthly sales of cigarettes, sales profit of more than 6000 yuan, which really makes the surrounding farming, working as the main source of income of the neighbors envy. This is how the rural supermarket to achieve such a considerable profit, what are the tricks?

with these questions, the reporter walked into the city before the date of the 206 in the road of rural supermarket – Shandong Cao Jia Bo Cun Xin Qi Department Store supermarket. read more

What issues need to pay attention to their own business

What are the business skills of

‘s own business operators? Many novice in the early days of eating a lot of losses, because they do not understand the rules of entrepreneurship. In fact, you can learn a lot of knowledge in this area, collect relevant information, get a lot of inspiration in practice, Xiao Bian share a few points, I hope to help you.

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What details should be paid attention to in the process of starting a business

said the details determine success or failure, and now the same applies to our current business career, to see what we need to pay attention to the details of the process of entrepreneurship.

A, there must be a long-term persistent fight ready, the best combination of their professional and good, the integration of its own resources to identify the project, a bold attempt to start to have the quality of life and the level of the temporary reduction in psychological ability;

two, don’t be swayed by the opinions of others, not others, swaying, earnest to go its own way, on the outside of the groundless talk to ignore the gossip, naturally do not seriously, especially those just saying that people do not seriously. Shopping malls such as the battlefield, business strategy and tactics to be confidential, do not deny that some people will deliberately stimulate your way to force you to say the secret, this is very cautious; read more

Household electricity providers need triple play

is now the era of electricity providers, all industries have played a 020 model, the home industry is no exception. Home brands in order to better use the 020 model, it is necessary to find a suitable way. The best way to achieve O2O Home Furnishing industry: {PC}{mobile stores triple play w}.

booming e-commerce today, many industries have been gradually transforming the baptism in the Internet, Home Furnishing industry is no exception, known as a big piece of cake Tera scale electricity supplier, the most difficult in fact, only less than 5% of the Home Furnishing goods completed online, and 95% did not have the electricity supplier of Home Furnishing market in O2O, the popularity of the next 10 years, what the future will change? Indeed filled with great imagination, to be sure, Home Furnishing Home Furnishing will transform the entire electricity supplier industry, this time not to subvert and replace, but the depth of integration, the electricity supplier will be Home Furnishing Home Furnishing industry business model can not be ignored. read more

Modern terminal construction let Su Yuxia shop business more prosperous

blindly conservative, not only to the store’s business is difficult to get a better development, more likely to be eliminated in the current fierce competition in the industry. So, if you want to open a business hot shop, naturally need to cater to the development of the times, the introduction of more modern terminal construction, so that the business will be more prosperous shop.

Su Yuxia shop is located in Chongzuo City, Jiangzhou Tuolu town bridge, there is a spontaneous formation of short distance bus hub, People are hurrying to and fro. traffic. However, after her business flourished but she joined modern terminal building, before the business be neither hot nor cold like warm. read more