Comparison shopping search engine hundred million off 2 line

7 6, 2009, a new version of the official version of the new passenger line, in order to meet the new round of B2C e-commerce development opportunities, the company decided to speed up the layout of the comparison shopping, officially launched the 2009 thousands of businesses included in the integrity of the plan".

Branch billion passengers more shopping network location for the 2 edition comparison shopping search engine index products from the integrity of the shopping website, the new positioning "integrity, parity" designed for the majority of online shopping users to solve the problem of where to buy and where to buy cheap assured. read more

Jingdong in hit singles promotion express Baotuan boycott of Jingdong

October 16th news, Jingdong are orderly to consumers the long-awaited Day promotional activities, but suffered from the front of the friend that is currently a head-on blow, according to the first volume temporarily announced the end of the Jingdong began to Shentong express delivery business, the Jingdong for large mall third party sellers, absolutely is the sad news. Many industry insiders said, Shen this behavior through just in time for the big promotion at the mall Jingdong, is obviously well prepared. read more

E-commerce on the two-dimensional code mobile phone shopping rush

e-commerce is not only popular on the Internet, now more and more mobile phone functions, many businesses see the business opportunities, the use of WeChat, micro-blog and other mobile applications, I check the two-dimensional code scanning function, to launch their own products and preferential information. An example of the most simple, small bought fruit pancake in the company downstairs, he accidentally saw the room should have a KTV poster above to sweep the two-dimensional code, information is very attractive, but advertising is not very good, the boss asked not to write the address, address where the boss. Do not know, at that time did not go out with a mobile phone, so this information is missed, but if other users to buy fruit pancake saw perhaps will sweep the. read more

Double 11 war under the pat one shot two scattered

in the 11 day before the announcement of the closure of the pat Network, Jingdong intention is obvious. But, in the market influence and the degree of concern has been overwhelming 11 double cover, pat in Taobao under the weight of trend was born, in the double 11 war quietly exit with vigour and vitality, is the fate of Born Under A Bad Sign.

11 has passed, too much inventory thing people do not ride, fat cat. The fat cats want to say is – pat. This is the 11 day before the announcement of the closure of the C2C website. read more

The electricity supplier brand sale together or lead price war mode into the Red Sea

detonated brand sale mode, the customer with a number of brand discount, Dangdang also launched "sinks", become a clothing poop sale reached the field of electronic business platform.

analysts told the "daily economic news" reporter said, the electricity supplier to get together the sale is based on market demand, while domestic garment enterprises high inventory also brought tremendous business opportunities to the related company. Have been relatively calm in the famous sale online shopping market, or will usher in a price war. read more

Wang Jianlin internal conversation Wanda electricity supplier five suggestions

introduction: Wang Jianlin with an internal level three giants before the signing of a high speech on the seminar, despite its claims "is only recommended, not instructions", but the content that will become the basis for decision-making forward Teng million.

Teng million (Wanda Baidu Tencent signed three set up electricity supplier) turned out for the business circles and even the entire Internet world is a great shock. For the three business empire with three former richest man rides to create or deduce what business model, how to bring the energy, media, competitors and consumers are highly anticipated. As accounted for 70% of the shares of Wanda, Wang Jianlin’s strategic consideration should be the decisive force Teng million model and path. This is Wang Jianlin with an internal level three giants before the signing of a high speech on the seminar, despite its claims "is only recommended, not instructions", but the content that will become the basis for decision-making forward Teng million. This article from the WeChat public number: Wanda Group, the original title: Wang Jianlin Wanda electricity supplier to talk about the exposure of the exposure of Wanda Baidu contract before, on the O2O he stressed that these points. read more

Spent tens of millions of dollars The opening of a new Tesco wheat mobi

renamed China ( April 20th hearing, it is reported that the imported maternal mall wheat Tesco has upgraded the new official website domain name in the day before, the best single spell "purchase" enabled, currently still have access to the original domain. The news that is a $8 acquisition of wheat Tesco back number.


: Jimmy Tesco

has a "buy" means a single spell domain name, is considered to be a good domain name for business platform, quality excellent, valuable. Compared with the original wheat Tesco name, is extremely simple and easy to remember and favorable publicity, especially the short domain enabled in the electronic business platform of the moment, can be said to be a weapon to mak purchase from the talent shows itself such as crossing the river in Zhiqing competitors. read more

Four elements of successful operation of e-commerce

along with the network shopping environment matures day by day, more and more consumers began to online shopping, social business transaction environment broke through the traditional marketing model. The progress of the Internet era, a new marketing model – e-commerce.

e-commerce operation well, is not only the merchants / manufacturers pure product sales network platform, but also can be used as merchants / manufacturers customer service service communication platform, timely dissemination of market information policies and work platform, eventually forming their own integrated operation of the commercial value added platform. A company or individual can make full use of the Internet environment, it can greatly reduce the operating costs of enterprises, improve the efficiency of the market, get fast and efficient service and consumers from the flat network platform, should be the main stream of future development of marketing of many manufacturers / company. If not this time change, not preemptive action, behind will be beaten, will be out of this era of the Internet, especially for terminal production / sales enterprise / company, crucial. read more

Shop operators Taobao how to earn a clearance at the end of the electricity supplier

is nearing the end of 2014, Taobao universal sellers have also joined the battle for a big year, earn a big fat years, too. But the face of such fierce competition in the electricity market, how can the sellers come up with the killer at the end of the year, talent shows itself, free


PK: the price of electricity by the end of the tactical large profit, good drainage promotion

buyers have to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival time at the end of the year, naturally want to pick up a cheap, hoping to get more benefits. Taobao electricity supplier naturally want to be clear about this, we are in price promotions, if you remain indifferent, then the end of the year sales are doomed. The so-called goods than three, buyers are a contrast, the price is significantly higher in the desire to buy a weak. But what we say here is not to reduce the price of the price, but the establishment of a certain skills and marketing tools. At the same time, low prices will bring more traffic to the seller, laying the foundation for the next year’s search rankings. The price in the end to what extent appropriate? The same product is certainly not only in their own selling price, observe the whole network in which interval, based on the guarantee of profits on the middle price low some more people often meet consumer psychology, will produce more volume. read more

Wanda into the electricity supplier to attract BAT two giant platform, the heavy hit the spring of 5

after BAT, domineering Teng million was born.

by Tencent, Baidu, Wanda 3 lines of industry giants to build a platform for the electricity supplier together to fly where the network, after several months of preparation, recently opened a mysterious veil to the outside world. In August last year, the three giants jointly invested $5 billion, the goal is to build the world’s largest O2O platform, which Wanda holdings of $70%, Tencent, Baidu each holds a stake of 15%.

although the origin of traditional industries, although also in May 2012 a small scale test of electronic commerce, Wanda Wang Jianlin is still at the beginning of 2014, in the business and traditional business who is more promising in dispute, and the Alibaba MA in the CCTV "China economic person of the year awards site put a billion gamble, but it is also in this year, Wanda electricity supplier for the sudden increase in interest. In fact, after three days billion gamble, Wanda throws million people into electricity supplier recruitment plan, high-profile. In December 2013, as Wanda Plaza, O2O intelligent electronic commerce platform million line operators. read more

Electricity supplier circle SEO contest masters gathered fierce competition

held by the first e-commerce business circle SEO contest start only less than a month, but the competition is very fierce, I linked to the sponsor of the contest with green, learned last year was organized by the A5 webmaster SEO contest Gu Baiyou champion Liucheng also participated in the game, and claimed to build a new Liucheng the site to participate in the competition with many colleagues showdown. In addition the contest more than half of the time, however, this competition has entered the hot ranking PK, I understand that the word "electric business circle" Baidu home page ranking competition is fierce, the site’s ranking changes every day, and the changes of considerable magnitude. read more

Tmall to change the rules of adult products indecent pictures will be blocked

December 27th, Tmall rules announced the Tmall adult supplies industry standard change notice. According to the publicity content display, Tmall will be the main figure of condoms, pregnancy test, health care products, underwear and other categories were further standardized, especially for the second master plan, proposed a more detailed requirements.

with condoms, pregnancy test, ovulation test and lubricant category for example, after the change, the category of the second chapter of the main picture is "commodity positive real figure: must not appear as white map, and commodity items unrelated, character information, picture frame to appear blank, splicing, watermark in any form, shall not contain exaggerated description of business logo, promotions, and other text". After the change of sexual health care products and sexy underwear requirements can be seen in the following table: read more

Double eleven electricity suppliers are no longer a single surprise price war

since 2009, Taobao created a double eleven promotion Festival, November 11th has become a vast number of online shopping chop hand family hope hate day. Because the double eleven suddenly produced peak consumption, making the delivery becomes slow delivery of goods, shoddy, deceptive and so on, are over eleven complaints double theme.

Deputy director of the

Chinese Association of e-commerce online transaction security center Qiao Congjun that he has been concerned about in recent years the electricity supplier battle double eleven, double eleven, short board is constantly eliminate: "electrical system is like a ecosystem, platform, businesses, consumers express enterprises, have strong self regulating function. Eleven of the many drawbacks in the past few years has been constantly overcome self adjustment. read more

Hang Wei acquired the domain name at Alibaba online travel to go ah

love net news: Recently, October 29th Alibaba brand system adds new members, kind of a "go" will become the new name of the Alibaba’s business trip. Alibaba group announced that it will upgrade its air travel division for air travel business group, Taobao travel upgraded to a new independent brand to go ah". Going to focus on the needs of consumers holiday travel, wireless, service, innovation, platform as the four major strategies, but also to promote the online travel industry from sales to service upgrades. read more

Beautiful said,, rain ranked three shopping guide, who is more intimate

era of war between the Internet is the biggest beneficiaries of the growing prosperity of the application platform, the platform is staged every day on the Liu Bang Xiang Yu story, either you die, or I live. No matter who wins, artifacts are the last laugh, like the animal even for a long time is not concerned at the camera can still innocent laugh. From the day before, convenient and practical, economical point of view, small and large 80, 90 students together to elect the 2014 annual most love three shopping guide website. read more

The cosmetics company registered Aoke beer domain name Aoke company appeal

Berlin cosmetics company registered "Aoke beer" domain name, Henan Aoke beer industry limited company to this behavior to say "no".

in June this year, Henan Aoke Beer Industrial Co Ltd to develop network information platform, to "Aoke beer. The company" and "oak drinks. Company registered as domain name Chinese. However, when they apply, but found "www. drinks. Aoke company, www. company, oak beer." "www. oak.Com" has been in Henan, a cosmetics company and registered for sale.

(source: River Network – Henan daily)

read more

We want to tell the copycat stores for self store road

want to sue cottage version Vancl

genuine Customer store in design

a photo will provoke a lawsuit. Where the first store was exposed to Vancl. This house is located next to Jiangsu Province, Taizhou Golden Eagle shopping mall called "Vancl men’s photos in VANCL" online crazy pass. We immediately said it was "copycat" version of the customer, and where the customer is not a physical store. Vice President Xu Xiaohui told reporters: "we do not rule out the fake" guest "legal action." read more

Jingdong, Ali agricultural electricity supplier PK, who will be better

is the agricultural electricity supplier of many famous enterprises to the field, but also let many heroes bow down to the field, and the Jingdong two business tycoon Ali walked into the agricultural electricity supplier, they opened the second battlefield in the rural areas. Who can put agricultural electricity supplier to do Shunliu? Jingdong Ali PK agricultural electricity supplier, who would be better


online a "Jingdong sent seed to the countryside" image and the industry attracted unlimited reverie on the Jingdong of agricultural business, and a few days ago we were still discussing the Jingdong, Ali and other electricity providers giant and whitewashing advertising, as if overnight, the Jingdong extends to the countryside against ali. "Build up the family fortunes by working, thrifty by Jingdong, want a good life, and quickly on Taobao", these creative wall advertising, as has the same boy or girl, daughter of later generations "and other classic wall publicity slogans, appeared in the grassroots township streets. It is said that over the past year the Jingdong in the more than and 100 towns brush 8000 wall advertising, has become the talk at leisure. read more

Jingdong and a war of words Amoy upgrade analysis that other competitors from the provocation

Jingdong mall and Alibaba’s online shopping search engine a scouring network on the information grab, parity caused by the escalation of contradictions.

On the afternoon of 24

, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong fired the first mall in its individual micro-blog, "don’t call" criticism of Amoy, said it is "without grasping behavior allows" belong to "jiminggoudao". Liu Qiangdong complained that "the product evaluation is Jingdong spent billions of dollars worth of points to encourage users to write out, how do you also want to say hello?" read more

Jingdong Apple Spring Festival campaign, appetizing or really benefits

with the Spring Festival approaching, the major electricity supplier platform have to prepare for the festival rally staged various special purchases for the Spring Festival. Following the launch of 3C Jingdong and borrow in their own special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival, the warehouse put "Apple" words to promote special purchases for the Spring Festival potential, 3C special purchases for the Spring Festival marked the beginning of the festival upgrade, Jingdong Apple special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival, attracted users a concern. read more