nvestment couple loaded into a small couple brought huge returns

if you want to ask what is nowadays the most fashionable clothing type, I believe many people will think couples dress, yes, the emergence of couples dress allowing couples to have a more bold way to show the world your own love, let us see a young couple by DIY couples dress business the story.

their store is "DIY clothing". What is meant by "DIY dress"   DIY is English Do  It  Yourself abbreviation, meaning is to do it yourself. Of course, if you want to have a personality full of clothes, please do they, because they are doing this. Talk about why last year, the idea of opening such a small shop, Wu Kwai said that was because they do not want to work in the factory, and resigned, and pondering what to do small business. Last year, one day in April, the online shopping small Wu inadvertently entered a website to sell creative products. The website was soon attracted to her, at the same time, a bold idea sprouted in her mind: others can do this business, why can’t I do it "felt very curious, so I have to find this information, understand some things, think to open this store in Zhangmutou can have the market very much, because Zhangmutou has been doing such a thing. I think we should be more concerned about, because I also like to do nothing or less on the market." Xiao Wu told reporters frankly stated the original idea. Said to do it, in the market after the investigation, understanding, in May last year, a small Wu’s DIY clothing store was founded, when the store area is two square meters.

"then she is a person to do, I was still working, do technical and sales work." This year 27 year old ray Kay told reporters. In March this year, because I think the prospects of DIY clothing store is good and his girlfriend is also busy, Lei Kai simply quit, and put their hearts and minds to belong to their small lovers of the cause. In fact, I quit the job specifically to do this, but also from the side of this industry is the development prospects." He said.

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